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Arrested Development Fans Campaign To Save Steve Holt!!!→

"Arrested Development has yet to invite Justin Grant Wade back to play the lovable Steve Holt.

So the cultfandom has taken it upon themselves to launch - a viral campaign full of info, tweets, t-shirts, and videos on bringing the greatness that is Holt back!”

Fuck The Wireless

22 - F - Newcastle, UK

They see me tumblin', I'm postin'
Some pictures from my favourite TV comedies
30 Rock is fuckin' epic, Family Guy is gettin' pathetic,
Always sunny gets super hectic when the gang are a little eccentric
I move to Glee now, I love it
I switch to PLL, TB & VD
A text from 'A' starts gettin' things flowin', Eric Northman gets me goin',
Stefan Salvatore is annoyin' but I'd do Damon from night till mornin'!

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